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Kenya has replaced its eVisa system with an eTA system since the beginning of 2024. All visitors, including infants and children who intend to travel to Kenya, must have an approved eTA before the start of their journey. Visitors should apply for the eTA via and pay a processing fee of USD $34.

Requirements for all travellers:

  • Valid passport
  • Selfie or passport photo
  • Contact information
  • Details of your arrival and departure itinerary
  • Accommodation booking confirmation(s)

Once submitted, please allow for 3 working days for your approval to come through. You can check the status of your existing application online using your unique reference number.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure our information is accurate, please ensure that you check the latest travel requirements on Kenya’s Official Government website.


As of 09-May-2023, all travellers arriving into Kenya through any point of entry shall no longer be required to show proof of either Covid-19 vaccination or a pre-departure Covid-19 test. Passengers traveling out of the country, will be required to abide by the particular travel, health and COVID-19 related requirements of the transit and destination country.

Visitors from Europe do not require yellow fever and / or cholera vaccinations. However, visitors from countries where the diseases are prevalent require yellow fever and cholera vaccination certificates.

Mosquitoes are a problem in Diani Beach all year round, but March to June and October to December are the worst seasons when mosquitoes can thrive well because of the rains during these periods. Travellers can protect themselves from malaria by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long trousers, by applying insect repellent to exposed skin or by taking prescription medicine.

If you need emergency medical assistance during your trip, the nearest (1.5 km) reputable hospital is Diani Beach Hospital, but make sure you have adequate travel health insurance and accessible funds to cover the cost of any medical treatment as private hospitals are expensive.


The currency of Kenya is the Kenyan Shilling (KES).

ATMs are widely available in Diani Beach and credit cards are accepted in most hotels and restaurants (mainly VISA and to a lesser extent Mastercard).

Zarafa House works together with a trustworthy money changer, who comes to our B&B to change your US Dollars and / or Euros.


Kenya enjoys an equatorial climate. In the low-lying areas, particularly along the coast, the climate is tropical, hot and humid, but the ocean breeze helps to maintain pleasant conditions for most of the year. Unable to cope with the heat? We do have air-conditioning in all our rooms at a small fee.

There are two rainy seasons—the heaviest rains (called masika) usually fall from April to June and a shorter period of rain (called vuli) occurs from October to November, although it has become less predictable nowadays. Once in a while Kenya experiences the so called El nino rains.

Although Kenya runs through the equator, most of it is situated at 1,200 m or higher, which tends to dissipate the heat. In higher regions, expect temperatures to be cooler than in low-lying parts of the country.


Kenya has a rich culture with more than 40 different ethnic groups and numerous languages and dialects. The Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya and Kalejin are the largest tribes in the country, but the Maasai are the best-known tribe for their colourful dress and traditional lifestyle as nomads. Each tribe has its own traditions, dress and dishes that contribute to the country’s rich cultural diversity.

The coastal areas are predominantly Muslim. Although there are no strict dress codes, you should dress conservatively away from the tourist resorts and hotels, especially in Mombasa town.

It’s misleading to suggest the whole of Kenya operates on some slower “Kenya time”, but the heat and humidity of the coastal areas can mean life needs to be lived at a more relaxed pace, so go with the flow and enjoy a pole pole (“slowly” in Swahili) way of life.



Most large supermarkets, just a few minutes away from Zarafa House, are open 7 days per week from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Carrefour – Nearest supermarket, located at Centre Point, open 24/7 with a wide variety of imported items.

Chandarana Food Plus – Well stocked, centrally located at Baharini Plaza with lots of banks, restaurants and shops around.

Naivas Supermarket – Kenyan supermarket chain, located in Ukunda, that has been in operation for over 30 years.


The most convenient and fastest way (only 1 hour) would be to fly from Nairobi directly to Diani. If you opt to fly, you have two options either flying from Nairobi’s Wilson airport, located 10 km from Kenya’s Capital or flying from Jomo Kenyatta International airport a bit further from Nairobi town. For foreigners, JKIA will most likely be your entry point to Kenya and therefore it would be easier to connect a flight to Diani from there. The Ukunda airstrip also offers daily flights directly to Masai Mara and vice versa and supports the growing niche sky diving product in Diani.  

Alternatively, you can fly to MOI International airport in Mombasa, located about 45km (+/- 2 hours’ drive) North of Diani. MOI International Airport offers both local and international flights.


Another option to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa would be to take the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)

The Madaraka Express Passenger Service train offers 3 services:

  • Inter-County train: Departs both Mombasa and Nairobi Termini at 8:00 am every day with scheduled stops at Mariakani, Miasenyi, Voi, Mtito Andei, Kibwezi, Emali, and Athi River stations.
  • Afternoon Express train: Departs both Mombasa and Nairobi Termini at 3:00 pm every day and includes a stopover at Voi station.
  • Night train: Departs both Mombasa and Nairobi Termini simultaneously at 10:00 pm and does not entail stops.

Online booking site . Please note that the online booking site only accepts M-pesa payments!!


Easy to get a public tuktuk or we can connect you to a trustworthy private tuktuk / bodaboda to get around Diani Beach. Don’t forget to use your bargaining skills!

For transfers we recommend using a reliable taxi service. We suggest we do arrange this for you as our regular driver knows how to get to Zarafa House and has our security clearance making it more economical and convenient.  

Transfer rates 1 to 4 persons 5 to 7 persons 8 to 10 persons
Mombasa Transfers 4,500 KES 6,500 KES 8,000 KES
Ukunda Airstrip 800 KES 1,500 KES 2,500 KES

Note: Rising fuel costs might affect taxi fares, any change will be communicated upon booking.

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